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Deontay Wilder vs. Dominic Breazeale on 18-May-2019 Boxing Prediction
Deontay Wilder and Dominic Breazeale fight Saturday at the Barclays Center for the World Boxing Council World Heavyweight Title.

Deontay W. enters this fight with a 40-0-1 record that includes 39 knockouts. Wilder has won five of his last six fights, and he’s coming off a December draw against Tyson Fury. Wilder D is coming off his scariest bout yet, a fight you could have easily given to Fury. Deontay was out-landed in nine of the 12 rounds and looked timid for majority of the fight.

If it weren’t for two knockdowns late in the fight, there’s no question Wilder would have been rewarded the loss.

Either way, it’s back-to-back questionable showings for Wilder, which make this fight one he must dominate to keep that momentum alive for Anthony Joshua. D.Wilder is a 33-year-old American who stands at 6’7”, has an 83-inch reach and an orthodox stance. Wilder Deontay is pure size and punching power, as majority of his punches are haymakers and it’s beautiful when everything is connecting.

Wilder Deontay also has great endurance for a guy who is so massive and puts so much behind his shots.

Six of Wilder’s last seven finishes have come in the fifth round or later. The issues for Wilder are technique and defense. Wilder D is extremely sloppy and leaves himself very open, two things that will eventually catch up to him if he continues this style where he believes he can’t be touched. This will be Wilder’s fourth career fight in New York.

Dominic Breazeale enters this fight with a 20-1 record that includes 18 knockouts. B. Dominic has won five of his last six fights, and he’s coming off a December win over Carlos Negron. Dominic B has now won three straight fights since his bout against Joshua and will be fighting for a belt for the second time in his career.

Breazeale D is 33 years old, stands at 6’7”, has a 81.5-inch reach and an orthodox stance. D. Breazeale is a massive boxer with a ton of heart and toughness. He went seven rounds with Joshua and kept coming forward despite taking some powerful shots. Dominic works well behind his jab and has an incredibly strong right hand that can be a game changer when landed cleanly.

Breazeale Dominic is also decent defensively, as he keeps his hands up, has good head movement and does a solid job of getting in and out of combinations. It’s just a matter of proving Breazeale is capable of beating a top tier name and putting everything together on one special night to change the outlook of his career.

This will be Breazeale’s third career fight in New York.

Dominic B. is not a pushover, as he’s better defensively than Wilder and while not as strong, he has some pop in his hands that will get his opponents attention. You can argue he’s the better pure boxer, while Wilder is the better fighter. Don’t sleep on Breazeale. I’m simply not as high on Wilder as others are, and I’ve made it clear many times.

The power shots are fun and it’s nice to see in this sport that doesn’t have a ton of one-punch KO artists, but he’s sloppy as all hell and it’s fair to say he’s been exposed in his last two bouts. Let’s not forget that an aging Luis Ortiz gave Wilder a run for his money and it would have been interesting if it went to the judges.

A loss is in the cards for Wilder at some point. It’s just not here. Breazeale had issues with Joshua’s power early in the fight, and if he can’t take big hits early, he has no chance with Wilder at any point. Nobody in the sport currently hits harder than Wilder and it’s all over once those knees start to buckle.

D. Wilder is overrated, but he should win this fight and a finish is expected to keep that hype building for a potential AJ bout.

GoBonus Prediction Pick:
Deontay Wilder By TKO / KO / DQ -200

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